UT3 Server
Today I have put up a public UT3 server for all to use.

It is a 16 slot Death Match instagib server. The current release of the server is a little unstable but hopefully fingers crossed this one seems stable so far. If you have any problems let me know. As of this moment you can see the server in the server section to your left and the UT3 demo server has been taken down and replaced by the full version.
Submitted by Goldy at 12:44:38 on the 2007-12-29.

Counter Strike Source Gun Game Server UP
We now have a Counter Strike Source Gun Game server up and running for anyone to use its a 16 man server

Game24-7 Gun Game Server

Enjoy Game24-7 Team
Submitted by SpLaSh at 12:20:04 on the 2007-10-27.

UT3 Beta Server Up
For anyone who is lucky enough to be able ot run UT3 Beta Demo there is a server up now

This server shows in the browser or you can open it directly using the console on my computer it is the @ key then type

Submitted by Goldy at 21:03:36 on the 2007-10-21.

Servers Moved
All servers have been moved over the weekend, friday /saturday morning i shifted all of them to a new server.

From now on you can access the servers from IP Address also the Servers Page is up to date and you can access all of the servers through that page.

For any of you wishing to know we have moved from a core2duo 1.8 with 1 gig of ram 160 gig hard drives in raid 1 to a very nice specification of quad core xeon 1.6 with 2 gig of ram 320 gig hard drives.

The new server has very good connectivity just as good as the previous provider if not better.

Game24-7 Team
Submitted by Goldy at 10:30:00 on the 2007-10-15.

Front page once more

Well after splash torturing me a bit i have finally got around to making a quick front page for the site again.
It is only a quick work in progress most of it seems to work I will finish it soon hopefuly.

Submitted by Goldy at 22:50:16 on the 2007-10-04.